Refurbishing the Church – Phase 1, Part a

As you might already know, a lot of work is planned in order to repair and refresh our wonderful church. Phase 1 is underway now! The pictures below show some of the work being undertaken this month.

The first job is the lighting. The present lights are outdated and energy intensive (leading to higher bills!) Even worse, not all of them work! The new lights that are being fitted will be low energy and will pick out Stations of the Cross and the others devotional elements in the church. Father has also requested that the columns outside the entrance to the church, and the icon of St. Christopher, be illuminated.

Another job that is underway is to the audio system, this is in addition to the work that was completed last year. The speakers are being replaced and two will be fixed to the roof beams near the altar. A CD system is also being put in, which will enable us to use pre-recorded music much more easily. The organ will be moved to the left side of the altar and the statue of Our Lady to the right side.

The next stage will be the woodwork. This will include repairing, revarnishing and rehanging all the doors. The gate through the old baptistery will be glassed off and a set of cabinets for the piety stall constructed. The church kneelers will be repaired and recovered in a blue fabric, similar to that on the chairs round the sanctuary. One bench will be removed at the front of church in order to provide a better circulating area before the devotional niches, and one bench at the back too. This will allow for the installation of some display boards. The Stations of the Cross are to be mounted on ‘backals’ similar to that of St. Christopher’s statue and backals are being made for the other devotional niches in church.

As you can see, there’s lots of work to be completed and this is only a snapshot of the work involved in phase 1, more information to follow soon on the rest of the plans for phase 1 and information about the plans for phase 2 (the parish house) and phase 3 (the parish hall). We will also be posting information on how you can help the church in achieving its vision for the parish, so stay tuned!

About Sarah Doyle - let them be small
Mum to Daniel and Emma, born 2014 and 2012. Lover of crafting, reading and hot baths, although I rarely seem to find time to do these things!

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