Appeal – Sanctuary Windows

In the mid 1960’s, when the Church was extended, the plan was to complete all the windows of the new extension with the designed multi-coloured glass used for the tabernacle window. Unfortunately, the money ran out and the side windows were left incomplete.

During the campaign for a new church it was planned to complete the windows. Yet, just when it looked as though they might become a reality, a refurbishment of the present Church was agreed. Once again, it was not possible to finish off the windows.

As per an earlier post the refurbishment of the church is well underway:

– the roof has been made safe and waterproof

– the lighting system is being updated

– the central heating system if being remedied

– the Van Wow roof and plastering/decorating has been completed.

Over the coming months we will see more changes

– the tabernacle steps will be re-designed and made safer

– the interior of the Church decorated

– new carpets throughout the Church

– from the sanctuary arch, a hanging Crucifix.

Following all this work, we will then see:

– demolition of the old parish club

– extension of the car park

– new school entrance

– landscaping of the entire side

You will have, however, spotted a noticeable absence from all this work; the windows. To include them in the £150,000 scheme of work would lead to sacrificing one of the other, much needed items.

So…. the appeal is to seek to try to complete this work. It would cost in the region of £10,000 to do them all. This includes the side windows, which each comprise of eight smaller windows, plus two longer windows. An inscribed plaque will be attached near to the windows.



The plan is to continue the colour scheme from the windows shown behind the altar in the picture to the left……across to the windows in the sanctuary – shown below

If any parishioners, or other local community members would be interested in contributing to this work, or even, perhaps willing to pay for a pane (approx. £500) then please do push a note through the door of the Parish House marked ‘Sanctuary Windows’ or email this blog ( and I’ll put you in touch with the lady coordinating this work.

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