Refurbishing our Church

Firstly, following on from the post earlier in the month about the sanctuary Windows we’re very pleased to say that the collections after Mass last week raised £195.12. We’re also very grateful to the anonymous donor who gave a cheque towards the building fund, but there is still more to do. At Mass today we heard about the fundraising required in order to realise our ambition of having a new community facility. Please do fill in the forms, or drop a note into the Parish House indicating how you might be able to help.

As promised in yesterdays post, here are some pictures of the refurbishment work to date – I’m sure you’ll agree it’s continuing at a pace! The slide show below shows images of some of the work that has taken place. Read more about the refurbishment work here and here.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Stations of the Cross

The stations of the cross are now on wooden backals – you can make out the outline of where they used to be on the walls (the outlines will be removed once the church painting takes place). The stations looks much better and are also individually lit.

Benches & Woodwork

One of the benches has been removed from the front of church – this is in order to provide a better circulating area in front of the devotional niches.

The Organ & Statue of Our Lady

The organ has been moved to the other side of the altar with the statue of Our Lady moving as well.

Last Week:

16 October - Note the position of the organ and statue of Our Lady


23 October - And now note the organ and statue of Our Lady have moved





















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