Christmas 2011

There are a number of services and masses over the Christmas period…. these are detailed below. More information to follow shortly about the Advent service on 18th December.


Tuesday 13th December

19:30              Sacrament of Reconciliation


Sunday 18th December

15:30              Sacrament of Reconciliation

16:00              Advent Service – Come home for Christmas


Tuesday 20th December

19:00              Sacrament of Reconciliation

19:30              Helpers Mass


Saturday 24th December

17:30              Sacrament of Reconciliation

18:00              Evening Prayer I of Christmas

18:30              Vigil Mass

23:30              Office of Readings

00:00              Midnight Mass


Sunday 25th December – Christmas Day

08:30              Sung Morning Prayer

09:00              Dawn Mass

11:00              Mass of Christmas Day


Monday 26th December

12noon           Mass


Tuesday 27th December

12noon           Mass


Friday 30th December

09:15              Mass

13:00              Nuptial Mass


Saturday 31st December

12noon           Mass

16:30              End of Year Litrugy with Bishop Mark & Seminarians

18:00              Sacrament of Reconciliation

18:30              Vigil Mass


Sunday 1 January 2012

08:30              Sung Morning Prayer

09:00              Mass

11:00              Mass


About Sarah Doyle - let them be small
Mum to Daniel and Emma, born 2014 and 2012. Lover of crafting, reading and hot baths, although I rarely seem to find time to do these things!

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