Church Refurbishment

Work is continuing with the Church refurbishment, and this week we have seen one set of doors removed. They have been taken to have the wood stripped, and will be returned shortly. The pictures below should show where this work is taking place.

The doors here have been removed

The doors to the right are still in place

Old doors clearly visible here

Here you can see where the wood has been stripped back












Work has also begun on the Baptismal Font, with a new ‘step’ in place to raise the font.

There is still much work to do, and many different ways you can help. Please visit the ‘Refurbishment‘ page of this site to find out more.

Step - this will all be tiled


Refurbishing our Church

Firstly, following on from the post earlier in the month about the sanctuary Windows we’re very pleased to say that the collections after Mass last week raised £195.12. We’re also very grateful to the anonymous donor who gave a cheque towards the building fund, but there is still more to do. At Mass today we heard about the fundraising required in order to realise our ambition of having a new community facility. Please do fill in the forms, or drop a note into the Parish House indicating how you might be able to help.

As promised in yesterdays post, here are some pictures of the refurbishment work to date – I’m sure you’ll agree it’s continuing at a pace! The slide show below shows images of some of the work that has taken place. Read more about the refurbishment work here and here.


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Stations of the Cross

The stations of the cross are now on wooden backals – you can make out the outline of where they used to be on the walls (the outlines will be removed once the church painting takes place). The stations looks much better and are also individually lit.

Benches & Woodwork

One of the benches has been removed from the front of church – this is in order to provide a better circulating area in front of the devotional niches.

The Organ & Statue of Our Lady

The organ has been moved to the other side of the altar with the statue of Our Lady moving as well.

Last Week:

16 October - Note the position of the organ and statue of Our Lady


23 October - And now note the organ and statue of Our Lady have moved





















Refurbishing the Church – Phase 1, Part b

So, continuing from our earlier posts about the refurbishing of the church and the sanctuary windows appeal here is a little more information about our plans for church refurbishment. Check back tomorrow for more pictures of work undertaken in church this week, Father Egan assures me that lots of work has taken place!!


So, along with the work already undertaken in terms of lighting, audio system and woodwork there is still much work to complete. Work has already started progressing on the model for the crucifix which will hang from the main arch of the church. The crucifix will have it’s own spot-lights and will depict Out Lord on the Cross on the front, and Our Lady of Sorrows on the back. The crucifix is a key devotional focus in its own right but it should also help to integrate the old and new parts of the church much better. The model should be ready before Christmas and it will then be good to receive people’s comments.


Of course, any refurbishment also includes redecorating and recarpeting. The redecoration is a key task and it’s intended to repaint inside the church. One all the other work is complete, we intend to recarpet the church. Outside the church we’re intending to make it more wheelchair friendly and to refurbish the side door. We’re also discussing the possibility of putting a small canopy over the side entrance and side door to the VWR.


And, finally (for now!) we are seeking the necessary planning permission to demolish the club, to landscape the site and to extend the car park. Once received, the work will begin as soon as is practicable. Part of the garage of the Parish House will be demolished, this is in order to widen the access route to the back. A new entrance to the school will be built around the back with the present side route blocked off.


So, I’m sure you’ll agree there’s much work being undertaken in phase 1. Phase 2 includes the Parish House and phase 3 the Parish Hall. If you’d like any information on how to contribute to this work please email me, and I’ll put you in touch with the relevant people.

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