What do you think?

So, work has continued this week in Church, it’s looking great, much cleaner and brighter.


What do you think of the new colour scheme – do you like it? Post comments below and let us know!


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There is still much work to do in order to complete the refurbishment work and if you have any fundraising ideas, why not pop along to the fundraising meeting on Tuesday evening?



Refurbishing our Church

Last week I wrote that we would soon see a noticeable difference in Church as the Church was due to be painted.


I’m sure you’ll agree that the church is looking fresher and brighter already, but there’s still more painting to do.


Before the painting

Midway through the painting

After Painting

Please remember the Church refurbishment in your prayers, and please support the work as we look to move into the next few phases. I’ll be making some blog posts over the coming weeks with images of the outside of Church and outlining some of the plans, if enough funds can be raised, to develop the Parish centre.


Meanwhile, the slideshow below shows some images of the church pre and post painting – be sure to check out our Flickr site too to see all the pictures of our Church.


















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It’s time to get painting!

So, the church refurbishment continues apace, and this week will be one of the most noticeable change in church – a fresh coat of paint.

Some samples were put up on the walls for us to see today – anyone any thoughts? Pop a comment below and let us know what you think

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Have you noticed that changes taking place in Church? Visit our Flickr site to take a look at the church over the past few weeks – lots of pictures are on there now. See if you can spot the work that’s been completed.

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